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OK, I Forgot.

After all this time, I said I wouldn't forget but then, you know how it is. Stuff happens, you get busy. Before you know it, it's been months since you've written anything on the page.

OK, so I'm back now and I want to at least update this page with what's been happening.

I still write on the Vanderspacebeek Blog every day, without fail. Most days I write on my current project which is a book, a novel. It started as a short story and I couldn't stop it. Pretty soon a couple interesting ideas popped up and I couldn't let go.

You probably can guess what happened after that, I write 70,000 words and now I'm having trouble with it. Endings are tough. The third act is the third rail for me. I can't let it fizzle at the end and I'm apparently to even risk the fizzle because all of a sudden I don't write.

That's going to change though. It's all a journey of self-discovery and loathing. I live with the little psychiatrist in my head who is …

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