Thursday, May 19, 2016

Interim Notes.

Checking in once again just to let everyone know that I'm still here and working. For the past few weeks. I've been working on another project, creating a website called "Somebody Owes Me an Apology" (.com) that you can visit to get or give an apology.

It seemed like a simple project when I started but I soon became "disabused" of that idea. I must have tried 6 different platforms for the idea, and did a huge amount of reading to try out different techniques to accomplish my end. Then after I got the whole thing done, I re-did it in a completely different way and there it sits.

I'm trying to add content to it daily, which is a good exercise for me
. It definitely gets me writing and that's good. I've even doubled back around to working on the book again as part of my daily routine.

For the Bad Times projects, I'm working on a back story to fold into the main story to make the characters more understandable and hopefully give the reader a little more emotional skin in the game.

That's the idea at least. We'll see how it goes. More later.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Once again.

I know what you're thinking. "What's up Vander Beek? Are you avoiding us on purpose."

Well, the answer is not exactly and Yes. I've been avoiding the whole second book thing while I sort out how things are supposed to work there.

The back story of AT is important but I suppose that I'm afraid I'll blow that too. He deserves a better biographer than me. He needs to be a much more important person in his own life and in the life of those populating the second book. If I can achieve that, I will be satisfied enough to move on to other projects of different types.

I've been thinking about the relationships that are there in the book and they lack color and depth, much like my own. If I'm going to make him like me then I should just be brave and go ahead and do it. Otherwise, I should buck up and figure out how people make relationships in which they are loved and cared for by others. Kind of the opposite of myself.

Maybe there's something in between, where he sees that he wants to be cared for and about, but can't see the steps necessary to make that happen, like me. It's a good thing no one comes to this author page to read this.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What? Who?

It's been a while since I've been here and I regret not posting something here on a regular basis. Sidetracked, that might be the right name for my autobiography when it comes time for that.

I'm (re)working the structure and contents of the second book now. I was nearly finished with it and after review, I just didn't feel like I'd done the right thing by it. I wanted the reader (notice the singular form here) to care more about the protagonist, A.T. Jordan, and his process and feelings. So I've gone back to create a backstory for him. I don't intend to use his while history in the book, but knowing it will influence how he reacts to events in the story. In this story Jordan is near the end of his career as a detective, investigating murder scene from the first book, and he struggles to get it right.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, I'm working on another website to right an ongoing wrong in my and many other's lives. A site dedicated to handing out Apologies. When it's ready for launch I will announce it here and on my Facebook and Twitter pages. So keep an eye on this space for relief on the hoof.

More later (I promise).

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Fiction Short Story - "Invisible Birds"

I've just finished writing a new short story, work of fiction called "Invisible Birds".

It takes place in the apartment of a man named Martinus Visser whose life jumps the tracks one day forcing him to take a deep, hard look at what he previously thought he understood. There may be more than one explanation for what is happening to him but sometimes all paths lead to the same place.

Here is the official "blurb" I put together for it.

Martinus Visser was settled and content with his job, his apartment, his life, then one spring day he awakened to the song of a robin outside his window and quietly slipped past the boundaries of his comfortable life and into a fight for not only his personal existence but possibly for the survival of the universe.

It's available now on Amazon for Kindle for $0.99 or whatever promotion price they see fit.

For several days last week I offered free copies for download and your response was even better than I'd hoped for. Thanks. I hope that those of you who read it, enjoyed it. Either way, I'd love to get some feedback from readers about the story.

Please take the time to leave feedback or reviews in the comments section of this blog or email me at

I would ask that if you read it, please let me know what you think of the story, good or bad, like or hate. It all helps. You can contact me through this comments on this blog or emailing me at

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Free copy of "Interesting Times" ebook.- Over for now

Thanks for your response to my free offering of my first novel "interesting Times." I'm hoping that everyone who downloaded the enovel enjoys it. If you're able, please leave a critical comment on my blogsite. I would really appreciate it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Review of "Interesting Times" by Paul Little of

Today I woke up and found a very kind review from Paul Little of Little Ebook Reviews waiting for me and it made my day.
I think it's common feeling, when you are just starting out to write, that you have know idea if your work isn't just absolute piffle. No matter how confident you feel when you start and how much fun you have or how hard you work, in the absence of feedback you doubt every line you manage to set down. I know I do.
From the other side, if you know somebody who is writing, very few people are comfortable being put into the position of critically reviewing a friend, acquaintance or relative's work, at least honestly. Everyone knows if you show your book to your mother, she'll love it and heap praise in giant muffin tins down upon your head, she's your mother and after the job of giving birth to you, the second most important thing she does is dispense unconditional love and acceptance. This includes immediate and heartfelt praise for anything you do.
Next, when you hand a friend a piece of work to critique, the only believable report you can receive is a very unflattering rejection of your work and who wants to hear that. If your friend says they liked it and it was wonderful, well, I mean, they're your friend and besides, what do they really know about fine writing? On the other hand, if your friend says your work was the worst kind of amateurish crapola and the characters lacked even a single dimension, then they're probably not really your friend at all, OR they're just jealous of your natural talent AND what do they know about fine writing anyway, again? Of course, I'm just joking here, or more accurately I'm letting you see the unvarnished petty self-indulgence that goes on in my head between 9 P.M. and 6 A.M. every day.
Do you see now? This is why we write, at least the first book, in complete isolation from criticism. It must be that way. After the first book, when your work has already been reviewed by strangers, then the opinion of friends and even family can be taken to mean something (at least as long as it's complimentary).
As I began saying, there was nice review of my book, Interesting Times posted on his website and on I don't believe that he owes me any money, he hasn't borrowed my lawn mower or jack-stands, and he's not taking pity on me, so I conclude he liked the book. I'm eternally grateful for this. I was running out of pleasant stories to tell myself about my ability to tell a story that wasn't just a well-used formula.
I'm going to post Mr. Little's words here partly because of the inherent self-serving nature of a blog, partly because it gives me a convenient place to go to read it when I'm feeling down, and partly because my mom and two of my sisters are in heaven and this is the only way they're going to see it (I'm sure they have google apps there).

My Ebook review: let us get straight to the point, this was a fascinating and fantastic reading experience. The author chose to tell this story through the eyes of Tom, in a delightful first person narrative. That is not to say that everything that is said is delightful, but the scene is already half set by the writing style of the socially challenged Tom.
Tom tells his story in sometimes graphic detail. This takes us on a journey through the psyche and quite regrettably the toiletry hurdles of Tom. The journey is an eventful one and it is a long one but somehow never feels like it. Tom tells his story in simple prose that at times feels juvenile and naïve which fits beautifully with the character.
One of my favourite films of recent years is “American Psycho” based upon Bret Easton Ellis’ novel of the same name. “Interesting Times” comes with the same intensity and unexpected decline into the recesses of the mind where all bets are off and it is anyone’s guess where the journey will end.
Did I enjoy it?: Splendidly so! I was dragged into Tom’s story and almost thought I had it totally figured out, but actually not. The surprises kept up until the very end. A great reading experience.
Paul Little

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another excerpt from my next book, "Counting Coup on the Devil"

“Tom had a history of mental problems, not major psychoses or anything dangerous, more in the neurotic and major affective disorder ranges. Things like chronic depression, actually near catatonia at times, some mild manic episodes, panic disorder, lots of phobias including, a morbid fear of public restrooms, fear of public places, fear of conflict violence and aggression, performance anxieties like talking on the phone, speaking to sales people, bank tellers, policemen, doctors, nurses, the clergy. He had more normal fears as well like, spiders, snakes, fire, heights, depths, claustrophobia, stage fright, dogs, flying, germs and he had a history of night terrors and slept with the light on. He was, of course, quite staggeringly introverted and for good reason, he saw the world and just about everything in it as dangerous to him. He didn’t hold a grudge against the world for this; he just preferred to keep his distance from it.

Now the above paragraph might make you wonder how a person with all those things against him managed any kind of living at all, at least the way most people think about it. But for Tom, these were just things he had to deal with, each like a single infirmity, some small and some large, and even with all of them, he loved his life as much the most extroverted, gregarious, popular, and fearless person on the planet. Maybe even a little more so, because he felt the edges of the world much more acutely than those self-satisfied, complete people who free-climbed mountains and fought bulls. He really understood what it was to be a little human in a big universe. A universe that was unaware of the self-importance of all these little uniformly animated arrangements of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen atoms that for some unfathomable reason, thought they were the masters of everything. No, it could be said that Tom truly knew his place in the universe and it scared the ever-loving shit out of him, every day.”